24hr Dublin Towing

24 hour Dublin Towing – it’s what we do! Our recovery service is based on giving more, for less. Autolink.ie is the only number you need for all your towing needs. Our Dublin Towing Service will come to you quickly, no matter where you are and no matter what time you need us.

We offer a complete Dublin Recovery Service to collect your car and you from where you need us. We can collect you from the Dublin area (and further if required) and get you to where you need to be, quickly and for the best possible price – always. We almost always get to you within 40 minutes (often sooner) and can get you and your vehicle to a place of your choosing using the best tools for the job. Our state of the art recovery equipment is made to make sure that your vehicle is collected safely and securely with no chance of damage to your car.

We can get you to a qualified mechanic who can give you preferential Autolink.ie rates to get you back on the road in no time. We know that breakdowns are not a nice thing to happen and we make your life easier by quickly collecting you and doing everything possible to make your life easier.

Breakdowns, Accidents, Non- Starters, all can be quickly transported by AutoLink.ie recovery specialists. Our recovery service will always ensure that you get the help you need – fast.

Our Dublin towing service partners with top Dublin repair specialists and can get your car seen by the expert it needs. You can avail of great services at great prices, as our partners will give you the best possible rates. When Autollink.ie deliver any vehicle to their workshop – your vehicle will be in safe hands and get vavlue for money.

24 hour Recovery by Autolink.ie

The only towing service you will ever need!

Leave A Message & We Will Call You Back

Leave A Message & We Will Call You Back